Cassandra HealthCheck
A new Java performance service tailored to improve Cassandra response time, reliability, up-time, and throughput.

Apache Cassandra is a highly performant, scalable open source distributed database management system written in Java. However, many aspects of Cassandra performance, consistency, and availability depend on legacy Java Virtual Machines (JVMs), which may suffice for some use cases, but enterprises that require highly consistent and reliable low-latency Cassandra deployments are often limited by the JVM itself, specifically the detrimental impact of garbage collection.

Cassandra HealthCheck from Azul identifies and addresses Java-related barriers in Cassandra deployments. The Azul offering helps IT organizations and DevOps teams optimize Java runtimes and system and application configurations to significantly improve Cassandra deployments, including components leveraging Cassandra data stores such as Apache Lucene, Solr and Spark.

As an example of this new service, Azul recently achieved an over 56x improvement in worst-case latency at a large Cassandra deployment in the financial sector. Other results included a 25% improvement in throughput plus a dramatic reduction in client disconnects due to node timeouts.  

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