Azul completes move to pure software model with Zing 5.0 Java runtime for Linux
Although no longer the sexiest language on the block, Java is still, by a long way, the most widely used. And it continues to evolve. Azul Systems, founded as a high-profile startup back in March 2002, has had to evolve with it. Best known as a maker of Java acceleration server appliances using exotic, many-core processors, Azul has focused more recently on separating its core software technology from the underlying hardware.

That process began last year with the release of Zing, its first pure software product. Now, with Zing newly updated to version 5.0, Azul is repositioning the company as a provider of a hardware-independent Java runtime optimized for Linux. Just as the Vega appliances did, Zing addresses the most common performance bottlenecks of Java J2EE. But abstracted from the constraints of a proprietary hardware platform, the technology becomes more suitable for cloud deployments that require greater scalability and elasticity.
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